Why my website marketing fails ?

Why my website marketing fails ?

When creating a website, we often face problems with that after its creation because we do not consider the website as a physical site that has origins and constants, in light of this development that has become dependent on sites / advertisements, buying and selling until the job … etc. / When I consider the site as if it is on the ground, this is what will motivate me Marketing has the required form, but the marketing provides for several reasons, including:
Not configuring the site with the search engines: I do not use the technical criteria in order for my site to appear in the first results in the search engine. This is due to several factors:
A – The site’s incompatibility with the / SEo /: and the / SEo / are the technologies and algorithms that the search engine relies on to show the site in the first results in order according to criteria and principles that must be taken into account, including:

1 – Make the site compatible with the operating systems of all smart devices.

2 – Linking the site with all social media.

3 – Attention to the key word and not neglecting it.

B – Lack of attention to the duration of the increase in visitors or customers to your site: that is, we do not make the visitor prolong his time on our site because we did not care about psychological communication between what we offer and his inner mind.

C – Not to diversify the site to include everything as contained in the foundation stone of this site, which leads to non-movement between the pages of the site.

D – Lack of interest in publishing the site link to an older and more well-known site that has the lead in search engines.

Not to publish the site with what was allocated to it or what is close to it in the field: ie, if we assume that my site sells mechanical tools, I cannot publish a site that sells the most logical household tools, that it publishes a site for cars.
Not creating the customer’s need for my location: just as in the movie “The Wolf of Wall Street”, which is inspired by the notes of former businessman Gordon Belfort, as he asked one of the trainees to persuade him to buy the pen so the trainee took the pen and asked Gordon to write a phone number, that is, Create him the need for a pen.
Failure to make correct marketing plans. This will be by communicating with the specialists and developing key parts of the site’s marketing plan that depend on (strategic evaluation objectives).
Lack of patience, and this is what happens after we take the necessary measures to start marketing and put our foot on the right path, so we expect to get the results immediately. Negligence begins and it is enough to fail anything.
Lack of interest in designing attractive pictures and ads under a psychology perspective. For example, psychology says that yellow attracts attention, that is, there is an address to the mind through colors.
These are the most prominent causes of marketing failure that often confronts sites, especially the newly created ones. Conciliation from God Almighty We take the reasons and avoid mistakes, if we take these points into consideration we will notice a positive result with the development in marketing.

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