Course management negotiation with clients and investors

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In this course you will get: –

Training topics to be studied
What is negotiation and what is its importance
The need to use negotiation skills in life and work
Description of the negotiating position
Elements of the negotiating position:
Coherence of the negotiating position
Installation of the negotiating position
The ability to identify and distinguish
Spatial and temporal amplitude
The complexity of the negotiating position
The ambiguity of the negotiating position
Parties to the negotiation process
Negotiation procedures
Stages and negotiation tactics
Using the win-win type
Know the methods of determination, debate, arrangement and approval of conditions.
Acquire the skill of persuasion and influence people.
Conflict management, diagnosis and treatment of its sources
Building bridges of convergence.
Preparing for successful negotiations through seven main stages.
Acquire a method or technique for maintaining progress.
After the negotiation process
Acquire some interpersonal behaviors.

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