Privacy policy

The privacy policy is represented by Hassan Mesbah Academy in the context of the work of the website www.hassanmosbahcom, which entails the fact that users will provide and share certain information, some of which are prepared personally, while others prepare information publicly known (collectively known as “user information”).

It would be helpful to start by defining what this policy is and what is not. This policy is management principles and an internal bylaw that we publish among chiefs, employees, managers, service providers, and shareholders of Mesbah Academy in order to inform them of what we consider to be acceptable or unacceptable actions with regard to dealing with user information. This policy also aims to tell you how we manage certain aspects of our site that store user information, along with the fact that you may – through our site – may deal with others who may communicate with user information.

This policy is not a binding legal agreement, individual undertaking, statement or warranty of any kind given to users, government agencies, natural or legal persons of any kind or characteristic.

We have all the rights, freedom to act, and discretion to decide the appropriate outcome of the fulfillment or breach of this policy by the stakeholders in our organization. We also reserve the right to keep these results as confidential material, or to make it public information.

General Terms

  • No service is provided from our service except after paying half of the amount or paying the full amount. Half of the amount is paid when the value of the deal reaches 1000 dollars. The other half and half are paid before delivery.
  • In case of requesting a service from our services and delaying depositing the amount, the price offer will be canceled after a week from its date, and a new price offer will be offered at different prices.
  • On-site prices are fixed and can only be reduced at times of special offers.
  • The company does not provide any free services permanently or for a non-material consideration.
  • The sums paid or deposited in the team account for services are only refunded if we do not comply with the terms of the contracts.
  • The payment due from the transaction value is not refunded if the customer wants to cancel the contract while the customer has already started the transaction.
  • Late payment of agreed payments exposes the customer to paying a fine or canceling the contract and the previously paid amount is not recovered
  • In the event that the conditions stipulated in the contract are violated, the company may impose a fine for re-service, which it estimates and has the right to determine the price without placing it in the conditions.

We do not provide the required services or support them only to the applicant and his registered data only to us

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